Friday, August 29, 2008


This was are last attempt to keep summer around a little longer. Last weekend we went to Lake Powell with the family {at least most of them}. My dad, mom, Jenicee, Colby, Heather, Hadlee and my little family {the 6 of us} all went. Colby and Heather are great Tour Guides, they always know right where to go.

My kids of course LOVED every minute. All of them are great swimmers and not afraid of the water at all. We teased that Steel is going to be the next Michael Phelps {Ha Ha}. But he really is a good swimmer for how little he is.

We did a little cliff jumping. It took Swayze two tries but then she finally jumped 3 or 4 times. {She doesn't like it when her brother does something she can't}.

Stryker and Hadlee also played non - stop. They really are becoming good friends. But it's definitely a love hate thing.

Of course the kids loved the tube the best. But we also wake boarded {Yes, I wake boarded}, had campfires, ate really good ice cream sandwiches, watched bats and fireworks. And just had a blast!!!

The biggest problem with the whole trip was that it was over too fast... I can't wait for next year, we are definitely staying longer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I guess the first day of school is always a little bitter sweet. It means another year has gone bye and my kids are another year older. And that is always hard for me to stomach...

Summer of course was great! Everything to mine and Stone's trip to Washington DC. Three weeks of Swimming Lessons. A couple trips to the cabin. Of course Dance Attack. A much needed weekend with just me and Josh it St. George. To spending days at the swimming pool and nights outside... I do LOVE Summer, and it makes me sad to have it over so fast.

My kids though LOVE school. And I should be thankful for that.

Stone is in 4th grade this year and Swayze is in 1st. They have a great school, and got lucky with great teachers. And I'm excited to see how much they learn and grow this year.

Steel's first day of Pre-School. He was excited {more than mom} but really just wants to go to Stone and Swayze's school. And I wish he could just stay home with me.

I think his teacher might have her hands a little full with this one. But he is so stinkin cute it's hard to get mad at him. And we only have one more year until he's off to Kindergarten! {O - Great}!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Tiffany tagged me forever ago, but we all know that I am a HUGE slacker. I didn't forget, it just takes me awhile. So here we go!

With this TAG you have to take pictures of the following 10 things in your house. Trick is no CLEANING at all....

1. Master Closet - Notice that my clothes are pretty well organized, but that it's Josh's side that's really a mess. And he has way more clothes then me. {I didn't show you all 4 sides, WAY MORE}.

2. Laundry Room - I kind of got lucky with this one because I did laundry yesterday. But there are still close out and the washer is running. {As always}.

3. Kitchen Sink - Again got lucky here, because I never cook therefor there are never dishes in there.

4. Fridge - It's a total mess. And I really need to go shopping.

5. Master Bathroom. Yes it's pretty clean, but that's only because I haven't gotten ready yet. {Because I'm blogging}.

6. Favorite Room - The office because I fill like it's one room that's completely decorated. And it usually stays pretty clean.

7. Favorite Pair of Shoes - To tell you the truth I'm not a huge shoe person. But I like these two because they are new.

8. Self Portrait - Yep that's me. I think I'm about 16.

9. Dream Vacation - St. Lucia for sure! We have been their twice but I would give anything to go back. Actually I wouldn't care if it was the beach at Yuba just a beach somewhere with me and Josh and NO KIDS.

10. What your kids are doing while your doing this - Steel and Stryker are watching Iron Giant. And Stone and Swayze are at School. And yes that is my Diet Dr. Pepper that Stryker is drinking. I was very upset when I realized he had it, and had pretty much drank the WHOLE thing.

That was FUN thanks Tiff.

Now I'm tagging Ellery, Cori, Heather, Sherida {because she hasn't did a post forever!!} and Ali. Don't forget no cleaning or picking up. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

On Saturday Stone was Baptized....
O.K. I know what your thinking.... "Isn't Stone like 9 or something". Well, yes he is. We were just a little late getting it done. {That should explain the Missionary's}. Stone actually turned 8 when we were living in are trailer {with 4 kids} in my mom and dads backyard. While we were building are house. Needless to say Josh was gone all the time, and I was pretty busy myself. Then once we got moved in there's a million other things. Like adjusting to a new school, then Christmas was here, then going on vacation, and then the yard. Anyways, I could make excuses all day long... The point is, it's finally DONE. And it was Stone decision, and we are so PROUD of him!!!

Stone has actually been doing the Missionary Discussions for the last 4 weeks, 2 times a week. So it was a big challenge to fit all of them in before Aug 2. Because he really wanted to be Baptised with his friend Sam Lewis. And he made it!! It was so interesting to hear everything the Missionary's had to say {we all learned so much!} I do fill that Stone was better off doing it this way. And making his own decision. Even if he does have SLACKERS for a mom and dad.

Stone with his Great Grandparents.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped out!!! Bro. Lewis, Bro Henrie, Elder Deaton, and Elder Clawson. And Grandpa Jake and Uncle Colby.

After the Baptism was over we went boating with Colby and Heather. {Just to RELAX}! The water was horrible, but the kids had a BLAST!

All the kids had their turn going around, and around on the tube a million times {even Stryker}.

Thanks Colby and Heather for taking us. And putting up with are crazy kids, who can never get enough. We are definitely getting a boat next year...