Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eleven years with my Best Friend!!!

This is a little late(it has taken me three weeks to figure out this whole blogging thing), but as of December 3rd 1997 Hayley and I have been married for 11 great years.

While going through some old boxes I found these pictures. They reminded me of the first time we met. And just how young we were.

It was Thanksgiving Week End 1996, I was in St. George with my dad at a motorcycle race three months home from my mission. My good friend {aka Steve Mitchell} was also in St. George with his new in laws. Steve, his new wife Ellery and her little sister Hayley came to watch the races. After the races we decided to ride into Mesquite to hang out. Me, Steve, Ellery, Colby and Hayley all rode together, I remember Hayley being so bugged because all we talked about the whole way was TRUCKS, OLD GIRLFRIENDS and MOTORCYCLES. I later found out it was because she was pretty used to having all the attention and was pretty annoyed that I was paying no attention to her.

Needless to say I learned my lesson quick!
This is the Thanksgiving Classic, November 1996. It was fun to have Stone race at the same race, six years later, and tell him that "this is where me and mom first met". I always tell Stone that Motocross Racers get all the hot girls, he tells me that he would much rather have a big trophy!

I think I was asking her "Did you see how far I was ahead of second place"?

This was the night I popped the big question (she said yes!) I can still remember how nervous I was to ask my father-in-law if I could marry his daughter (turned out that he was the easy one, I still don't think DeAnne ever said yes.)

After I first met Hayley, I went to get my hair cut and saw this picture hanging on Ellery salon wall. I begged and pleaded with Ellery to let me have it, all I can say is WOW what a babe!!!

This is my beautiful bride and her friends on our wedding night. (I still hold a grudge to this day for the fact that they got a lot more attention than I did at our reception)

Thanks for such a great life babe, i couldn't ask for a better friend!!!!