Friday, March 14, 2008

Dance Attack

Swayze had Winter Dance Attack this last weekend. Can you believe I have a daughter going to Dance Attack. Seems like just yesterday that I was there.

Those of you who don't know what Dance Attack is, it's a weekend long workshop full of dance classes. Dance teachers from all over the country (many of which have danced for Radio City Music Hall, or the Rockeets, or on several different music videos.) Come and teach these girls classes. It's a lot of time and hard work. Swayze really worked her butt off. She was even nominated buy two teachers for a scholarship. I was so very proud of her. It's fun to see your kids work so hard at something that you also loved so much.

Swayze, Oakley, and Indy
Winter Dance Attack


Zamboni Family said...

I remember dance attack! I hated it, only because I sucked! She sounds like she is doing really well and loving dance!

Ellery said...

Hi Hayley, it's your second favorite Ellery :) Your kids are beautiful!! I can't believe how busy you must be, I can barely handle 3. Listen how sister Hayley is going to marry a Josh! Just keeps going! It will be fun to check in on your blog!

Scott & Beth said...

I am so glad that you found my blog!! I LOVE looking at people's blogs...maybe a little too much! The competition went really well!! I was most surprized with the Micros!!! We had so much fun...tell swayze hello!!

Tiffany said...

Oh dance attack!!! I am kinda just waiting as long as I can to not take Kwincee I know that soon I will have to - and I know she will love it but I am just exhausted with competition! So fun though, she looks like she had a blast!!!


Nice job Swayze! That looks like so much fun but very tiring. I remember loving dance attack but being exhausted. It will be fun when Bryns can go!

Kathy said...

Swayze did so good on Friday! She is a cute performer. I am so glad you started blogging!!