Friday, July 11, 2008


Josh was outside last night working on the yard. When two little neighbor girls {yes, I said GIRLS} went bye on their bikes. So Josh said to Steel "look what they can do, no training wheels". Well anyone who knows Steel, knows that was all it took. And the training wheels were off.

And two seconds later he was OFF, chasing down the girls. All I said was "Great one more thing to worry about." Not him chasing down the girls, just Steel on a bike with no training wheels, he's CRAZY enough already....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!

The long weekend started with the 1st Annual Manila Heights Stadium of Fire. It was such a good time. Lots of friends, lots of treats, and lots of fireworks. It can't get much better then that.

We even heard that the smoke could be seen from the Temple {I did say lots of fireworks.}

The next morning Josh took Stone and Swayze to hike Stewart Falls. {What a good Dad}.

Then we headed to the cabin to relax, and spend sometime with my parents.

Josh took the kids on a horseback ride, and then went fishing. {Again, what a good dad}.

We are so thankful for this wonderful country that we live in, and the freedom that we have...