Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It was finally the last day of school. This whole year has flew by, all except the last few weeks seemed like they would last forever. The year has been such a success, both my kids had such good teachers and friends. And I am so thankful for a GREAT school.

Last Day of School 2008

{Check out Swayze's nose. She crashed on her bike, and caught herself with her face instead of her hands.}

Steel's last day of Preschool
{It was Pajama Day}

Steel is my kid who doesn't really love school. He dose not like it when people tell him what to do. Which could end up being a big problem... Thank goodness we have one more year of preschool. And we will hope it's just a "faze" he's going through.

As soon as school let out we headed off to St. George for another SWEET weekend!

We hope you have a GREAT SUMMER, and hopefully we will see you all!!!


Cori Simmons said...

Poor Swayze - What is it with always hitting the face first? Protect that beautiful face girl!

Julie said...

Looking forward to a fun summer in the neighborhood..lots of night games, lemonade stands etc! All we need is pool now..tell Josh to put one in your backyard!

gillman said...

your family is so beautiful! how can so many beautiful people be in one family? and how are your kids getting so big? it is just crazy!
meg :0)

Kallas Family said...

Yeah summer is here!! I will be back on June 24th!!
We will need to get together!

C&HJacobson said...

Okay you guys suck, Everyone of you could be models. You seriously need to look into acting and stuff for Swayz. Steel would be good too.

Tiff said...

Poor Swayz that sucks! That is a cute fam picture of all of you! Lets go to the pool!

Cori Simmons said...

I like Stoneys hair

Ellery said...

looks like a FUN's so great to get away! i am looking forward to it. i now just have to fugure out how to keep indi entertained all day now that she is home from school.
that is a great family picture!