Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PuMkIn PaTcH & HaLlOwEeN pArTy

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch. Since it was freezing cold, and almost snowing on us the whole time it was a very quick trip.......

Very quick!!!

Then Saturday night my Dad and Mom had a Halloween Party for the grand kids. It was so cute, the shop was all decorated {orange lights everywhere, pumpkins and spiders}. We ate Sloppy Joes, witches brew, jell-o with eyeballs, and tons of cupcakes and cookies.

The kids played tons of games. This was them eating the donut off the string {no hands}.

The kids bobbing for apples. {Hilarious}!!!

This was after everyone else had stopped, but Swayze gets so determined to do things, I think Hadlee really thought she was drowning or something.

The kids also ran around and danced to Halloween music for hours.

We all had so much!!! Thanks Dad and Mom, hopefully this will be a new family tradition.

Friday, October 10, 2008


O.K. - I'm so far behind on this whole blogging thing, that I thought I would hurry and do a quick update. Then, I'll try and stay up to date from now on. {I did say "try"}.

This was at Stone and Swayze's School Carnival. But, they took off with their friends so fast that I hardly got any pictures of them.

We did manage to track them down to take Steel and Stryker on this ONE ride. {Because me or Josh was not about to do it.}

You've got to know that all my kids have super sensitive stomachs, and will puke over just about anything.....

This ride seemed to go on and on forever. Me and Josh thought for sure one of them was going to lose it. {We also thought it was very funny}.

This time we definitely got LUCKY!!!

{But check out Steel and Stryker}.

Stryker was so excited to ride this Train. But again Stone or Swayze were no where around to take him. So, we trusted Steel to do it. BIG MISTAKE!!!

The train went clear around the building, so we couldn't see them the whole time. {Don't let Steel's cute face fool you}.

Because Stryker came back screaming. {I could actually hear him from the other side of the school}. I wonder what Steel did to him.... {Little Stinker}!~

We also went to St. George this last weekend. And did some serious shopping. I shouldn't tell you my secrets, but did you know there is True Religion, Juicy, Ed Hardy, and Lucky Outlets {just to name few} in Las Vegas. We figured I saved enough money on one pair of jeans to pay for the gas down there. So Sweet!!!

Josh took Stone and Swayze Golfing on Sunday. Needless to say it's there new favorite thing. They both have there own golf clubs and are getting pretty good. Though Stone did say after going to the Cedar Hills golf course on Wednesday he "really just had a off day." Talking like a real golfer...

Stone has also been doing P. G. Wrestling. He hasn't had a match yet, but he really enjoys it. It may not be the coolest sport {aka Motorcycle Racing} but Josh and I both think it's so good for coordination, and strategy thinking. {trying to out think your opponent}. That we wanted him to give it a try, so we will see how he does.......