Friday, June 20, 2008


Me, Stone, and my Mom have been in Washington DC this last week. Jenicee is out there going to Georgetown University, {yes, I said "Georgetown"} so we took advantage of that, and went to visit her. Me or Stone have never been {even though everyone else in my family has} being the baby in the family I somehow always got left at home.

Well, we couldn't ask for a better tour guide. Jenicee knows it all, and has a story and the facts behind it. {I guess she is the high school History teacher.} But we really couldn't have done it without her.

Jenicee and Stone at Mt. Vernon {that's George Washington's House in the background}. And Stone waiting for the Metro.

Me and Stone in front of the Washington Monument.

This was at the World War II Memorial. It really was so cool. The old man is a Veteran that Stone started to talk to. His name was Bob and he was 90 years old, with a incredible memory. He sat with us for about 30 minutes talking about his time in the Army. It meant so much to Stone {and all of us}, and made it all seem so real.

The other picture is me and Stone in front of the Field of Stars below them are the words, "Here we Mark the Price of Freedom." {there are 4,000 stars each on represents 100 soldiers killed}. It was amazing to sit and look at all those stars, and think about the sacrifice's made for all of our freedom.

This was the Vietnam Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Monument, and the Lincoln Monument.

These are at the Archives. And it was so worth the long line that we waited in to see those important documents. {Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights}. They stand for so much that we as Americans believe in. It was so sad to see them faded and to think those are words and signatures we will never get back. The pictures are a little grainy because no flash photography can be used in order to preserve them.

Arlington Cemetery and Tomb of the Unknown Solider, I have to say was my favorite. I never pictured Arlington this way. It was is so big, hill after rolling hill of 2 foot high head stones, in perfect rows no matter which way you looked, just like soldiers standing at attention. I don't know how anyone can make it through without crying. It is breath taking to say the least. All those men died for us...

Would you believe me if I said that we also went to 2 Air and Space Museums. It was a totally crazy trip, but Stone loved these. Lots of cool Space things and way cool Airplanes. We even saw Enola Gay {which is the World War II plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima}.

Well, it really was such a great trip. From getting to see family that we haven't been able to see in awhile {aka Vicki, Jessica, Aaron, Alison, and Lucas}. To eating great food, seeing the Hope Diamond, and Stone making new friends wherever we went no matter age or race. To walking and walking for miles or laughing at Stone making farting noises with moon sand {inside joke}. To riding the metro, and late nights eating chocolate waffles and whip cream. It was all AWESOME something Stone or I will never forget. Thanks Jen for being such a great tour guide, we hope everything is going good, and we love and miss you already!! And please bring home some chocolate waffles, because I'm really craving them.

Monday, June 9, 2008


What I was doing 10 years ago? - Well, I was 19 and had been married for 5 months. We lived down in the GETO of Provo. {Seriously it was kind of scary}. In the cutest house that Josh and his dad had remodeled. I worked at Murdock Travel as a travel agent {a job that sometimes I wish I still had, just for the perks}. And Josh was starting to expand Holliman Siding. I loved being a newlywed. I thought I was sooo cool, because I was the only one of my friends that was married. And Josh loved to go riding {his motorcycle} with Quinn every weekend. Something he never has time to do anymore.

5 years ago? - We lived in are first Lindon house {yes there was more then one}. Stone was 4 and Swayze was 1 and a half. And I was barley pregnant with Steel {BIG SURPRISE}. We went to Lake Powell at about this same time in are new boat we had just barley got. Two days into the trip I started to bleed really bad. Josh packed everything up and drove me to St. George {to his mom and dads house} We called the doctor and he said I had to stay there, that I couldn't even get in the car to drive home. We stayed for about two days tell I stopped bleeding, then drove that long drive home. By that time I was sure I had miscarried and was very upset. As soon as we got home my doctor sent me right to Orem Community Hospital to do a ultrasound, and there was a heart beat. {it gives me chills just to think about my life without Steel.} But I had a tear in my placenta and had to be on bed rest for several weeks until it had time to heal. Needless to say the boat got sold...

1 year ago? - We were living in are trailer in my mom and dads backyard {and YES I said trailer} with 4 kids. My mom and dad were remolding their whole upstairs when we sold are second Lindon house so we weren't able to move in with them. {I think it was all part of the plan, they didn't want us in with them}. Josh was building are new home in Pleasant Grove, and pulling all nighters so he could get me out of that damn trailer. The kids were loving every minute of living in Grandma's and Grandpa's backyard. Needless to say the trailer got sold right after we moved in.

Yesterday? - Lets see, got Stone up early so he could go hike the G with the Scouts. Then cleaned house and got ready for KOTM to come. Which they never showed up. So I went to Target and Old Navy to get ready for Washington D.C. Then Stone had his last Baseball game of the season. So we went to that {very intense}. They lost, but finished 3rd overall for Highland, Alpine, and Cedar Hills. Which I thought was pretty good. Came home made dinner, Garlic Chicken Farfalle and Rhodes rolls {sooo good}. Went tanning then came home blogged and went to bed.

5 Favorite Snacks? - Diet Dr. Pepper {could not live without it}, Cinnamon Bears, Rice Crispie Treats, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream, Daylight Donuts, Cheddar Sun Chips, any Cookies, my Chocolate Cake, and homemade Dessert. Lets see is that 5 cause I can keep going?? I also am with Ellery on the Fiber One Bars they really are sooo good.

5 Favorite Books? - Again I'm with Ellery I this, I absolutely love to read but never get the chance. Plus, whenever I get a new book I can't put it down tell I finish it {drives Josh crazy}. I love anything by Stephanie Myers.

5 Places to Runaway? - Mexico {anywhere with a beach}, St. George, Shopping {by myself}, Tanning, the Shower.

5 Bad Habits? - O, man I got alot of them. Popping all my joints {toes, ankles, knees, hips, fingers, back, and neck, not even kidding). I have to iron everything even all the kids clothes {this includes jeans, play clothes, sheets, and lingerie}. Swearing, even though they come out so natural you hardly even notice that I swear. Picking at my eyelashes {man me and Ellery are a lot a like}. Being a little OCD with they way the house looks and the way the kids look. Worrying way to much about the way I look. -O.K. that is 6 I can stop now, even though I could keep going.-

5 Things I would Never wear? - I do love Fashion so there isn't alot I wouldn't at least try. But I can't stand anything to tight, or to over the top.

5 Pet Peeves? - Clothes that aren't ironed. Not having my house clean. When my kids are out of control hyper {seriously I can't handle it}. Slow drivers. When people at the store or other places are just RUDE for no reason. And last of all when Ellery doesn't answer her phone.

5 Things I Enjoy? - Decorating my home. Going away on the weekends camping, or to St. George or the Motorcycle races anywhere just to get away. Shopping {without kids}. Being pampered {pedicures, manicures, make-up done, hair done, massages}. Date nights with Josh. Watching my kids do things they LOVE.

5 Favorite T.V. shows? - Good Things Utah, Divine Design, So You Think You Can Dance, AMA Motorcycle Racing {I really get into it}, TMZ. I love to TIVO them all and watch them when kids go to bed.

5 Famous People I would like to Meet? - David Beckham, George Clooney, Josh Duhmel, Derks Bentley all because there sooo Freaking Hot!!! O and Ricky Carmichael, not cause he is Hot but because he really is amazing.

5 People I want to Tag? - Julie Lewis, Cindi L, Ali O, {because she hasn't did a post forever}, Ellery R, and Tiff E.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It was finally the last day of school. This whole year has flew by, all except the last few weeks seemed like they would last forever. The year has been such a success, both my kids had such good teachers and friends. And I am so thankful for a GREAT school.

Last Day of School 2008

{Check out Swayze's nose. She crashed on her bike, and caught herself with her face instead of her hands.}

Steel's last day of Preschool
{It was Pajama Day}

Steel is my kid who doesn't really love school. He dose not like it when people tell him what to do. Which could end up being a big problem... Thank goodness we have one more year of preschool. And we will hope it's just a "faze" he's going through.

As soon as school let out we headed off to St. George for another SWEET weekend!

We hope you have a GREAT SUMMER, and hopefully we will see you all!!!